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Fat Katz Cuisine


The Naming of Fat Katz Cuisine:
A Tribute to Family, Food and Love

Fat Katz Cuisine, a family-run business named after the founder's, Marvette's, beloved mother, has made a lasting impression on the culinary scene of Cincinnati. The event that truly put the brand on the map was the first annual two-day Cincinnati Music Festival, where the business served over 600 guests with their mouth-watering offerings. From New Orleans-style po'boys to their signature dishes filled with tender pulled pork, juicy jerk chicken, and succulent brisket, Fat Katz Cuisine left a lasting taste in the mouths of festival-goers from across the Midwest, East and West Coasts. Their remarkable performance has earned them the invitation to return for the 2023 concert series, solidifying their reputation as a top-tier caterer for events of all sizes.

Named in honor of Marvette's mother, affectionately known as "Fat Cat", Fat Katz Cuisine is a celebration of Marvette's passion for cooking, which she started at a young age in the kitchen with her Great-Grandmother. From cracking eggs for cakes to tasting for flavor, her love for cooking only grew stronger as she practiced various techniques. Through years of learning and honing her craft, she brings to you the finest flavors of Cincinnati, taking the art of cooking from her Great-Grandma's kitchen to the streets.

 Seasonal Locations 

Washington Park

123 Elm Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202


June 1 - September 1

5:00pm - 10:00pm

Fountain Square

520 Vine Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202


11am - 1:30pm

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